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01/01/2021 The CWGC record Private David Best as the son of Andrew and Ann Best of 31 Taylor Street, Townhead, Glasgow.
01/01/2021 Private David Best is buried in Reninghelst New Military Cemetery in Belgium. His inscription reads: PEACEFUL BE THY REST DEAR SON LOVED BY ALL WHO KNEW HIM
01/01/2021 David was born about 1897 in Dungannon, although no record can be found in GRONI.
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30/12/2015 Last Will and Testament of Private David Best.
30/12/2015 David Best was initially with the (5094) Lowland Division Royal Engineers.
30/12/2015 Private Best was serving with the North Staffordshire Regiment when he was killed in action on 17th April 1917.
30/12/2015 David Best was living at 31 Tailor Street, Townhead, Glasgow when he enlisted with the North Staffordshire Regiment in Glasgow on the 24th September 1915.
30/12/2015 On the 12th October 1916, Driver David Best proceeded to Chelmsford and was attached to Mobile ?? 65th Lower Division for Rations.
30/12/2015 David Best was the son of Andrew and Ann Best.
30/12/2015 By the 7th January 1917, he had transferred again to the 1st Battalion of the North Staffordshire Regiment
30/12/2015 In the event of my death, I give 5 to my nephew, Master Andrew Best Simple, 31 Taylor Street, Townhead, Glasgow, and I give the remaining part of my property to my father, Mr Andrew Best, 31 Taylor Street, Townhead, Glasgow, Scotland. Signed David Best Private 34775. 7th January 1917, Brocton Camp, North Staffords.
30/12/2015 On the 9th December 1916, he was transferred to the Reserve Infantry Brigade.
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