Friends of the Somme - Mid Ulster Branch  
Dungannon Library
Many thanks are due to Elizabeth Telford and her team at Dungannon Library who have been instrumental in the research by allowing full access to all of the Library's resources.
Tyrone Courier
Many thanks to the Ian Greer (Editor) and Tyrone Courier who kindly allowed the Friends of the Somme Mid Ulster Branch to reproduce their War reports.
Nigel Henderson
ALL the Belfast Newsletter reports came from the Great War Ulster Newspaper Archive
Royal School Dungannon
Paul Kerr, Head of History, has given us permission to use the wealth of information in the 2014 book "From Flanders Fields to Lone Gallipoli". This excellent book a superb history of the RSD pupils who served in the armed forces during the First World War. It is packed with information about more than 200 former RSD pupils, including detailed biographies of the 37 men who gave their lives during the conflict and is available now from the Royal School Dungannon.
Mr Drew Robinson
Drew has provided hundreds of documents to us regarding the Ballygawley War Dead and we appreciate it greatly that he has shared his research with us and allowed us to use it.
Mr Kenneth Farquhar
Kenny has been researching Dungannon and Moy's War Dead for many years and has been providing a steady stream of information to us over the past years.
Mr Robert Butler
Robert has been researching the War Dead in the Coalisland area for some time now and has provided information and photos about casualties in that area to us. Robert has now written two books in his series 'For King and Country', which details Dungannon and District in the Great War in chronological order..
Other Websites
Thanks to and the National Archives of Ireland amongst many who have been of assistance.
The Friends of the Somme Mid Ulster Branch
Wesley Wright has been researching the Tyrone War Dead area for many years and been providing names and information for the last four years. Wesley's research is the main reason why there are 600+ names in our list. Martin Brennan has provided his substantial information which he uncovered while compiling the Cookstown War Dead book. He has also provided many of the local grave photographs and the research through the local newspapers..