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30/12/2015 The CWGC records James Henry Black was the husband of Sarah Eleanor Black, of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone.
30/12/2015 Lance-Corporal James Henry Black died of wounds five weeks later on the 8th September 1944. He was 28 years old.
30/12/2015 Lance-Corporal James Henry Black was serving with the 2nd Battalion of the Irish Guards
30/12/2015 It can be assumed that Lance-Corporal James Henry Black was part of this engagement.
30/12/2015 “2720019 War Substantive Corporal, Acting Sergeant Jack CARDUS, 2nd Armoured Battalion, IRISH GUARDS 5th Guards Armoured Brigade, Guards Armoured Division, 30 Corps. On 1 August 1944 SOUTH of ST MARTIN-DES-BESACES, a difficult situation developed with the Squadron fighting Anti-tank guns and dug in ranks at very close range. Sergeant CARDUS' Tank was in the troop which supported the second attack against these enemy positions. Having reached the objective, Sergeant CARDUS engaged two enemy tanks about 30 yards on his left flank: one of which he knocked out. Immediately after this he was himself knocked out by a TIGER which appeared from the flank. Sergeant CARDUS got all his crew out of his tank took them forward on foot and killed at least two of the crew of the knocked out GERMAN Tank, and then withdrew his men with their weapons complete to Squadron HQ. On his return he was only with difficulty restrained from going back with a rifle to where he knew there were more enemy tanks. His determination to close with the enemy and his cheerful enthusiasm was an inspiration to the remainder of the squadron at this very trying time, and since that time he has always maintained the same standard through a difficult and trying time. 13 December, 1944. Croix de Guerre with Bronze Star”
30/12/2015 From Sergeant CARDUS' medal recommendation:
30/12/2015 The other members of Sergeant CARDUS' crew were Guardsman J. PHILLIMORE, Driver/Operator, Lance-Corporal JAMES BLACK, Gunner Operator, Guardsman N. HAYDEN (died 2002), Gunner/Mechanic, and Guardsman D. STIMPSON, Driver/Mechanic (Died of Wounds 2 April 1945).
30/12/2015 The Troop Leader was Lieutenant CHAINE-NICKSON (Killed in Action 27 July 1944) who rode in another tank.
30/12/2015 The tank was a Sherman in No. 1 Squadron, No. 2 Troop
30/12/2015 Before embarkation to France in June, 1944 a list of tanks and vehicles was prepared by the 2nd Armoured Battalion, Irish Guards. On it Sergeant CARDUS is listed as being the Sergeant in command of 4 other crew members.
30/12/2015 James Henry Black was the son of William and Sarah Black. James was born about 1918.
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