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16/06/2020 Able Seaman Daviesí final ship was HMS Warrior.
16/06/2020 Able Seaman George Davies served on a number of ships and locations during his time in the Royal Navy.
16/06/2020 George Davies enlisted in the Royal Navy on 6th April 1910, signing up for 12 years.
16/06/2020 Prior to enlisting, George was working as a grocerís assistant in Birkenhead, England.
16/06/2020 The 1911 census does not record George as living with the family at house 2 in Derryoghill, Moy, County Tyrone. His father Harold, an Englishman, was a Shipís Steward.
16/06/2020 Known family: Harold W Davies, Margaret Davies, George Cardwell Davies (born 6th April 1892), Jane Davies (born about 1896, England), John Henry Davies (born about 1900, England).
16/06/2020 George was one of six children, four surviving
16/06/2020 George Cardwell Davies was, according to Navy records, born on 6th April 1892 in Moy. County Tyrone. However, no GRONI record can be found.
16/06/2020 George Cardwell Davies was the son of Harold and Margaret Davies. Harold and Margaret Davies. Were married about 1880. It is suspected that Margaretís maiden name was Cardwell, although this is yet to be confirmed.
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16/06/2020 Able Seaman Davies is commemorated locally on Moy War Memorial.
29/01/2017 From the Belfast Newsletter dated 12th May 1917: Henry Cardwell (cousin of George Davies)
29/01/2017 Second Lieutenant Henry Cardwell, Lancashire Fusiliers, wounded, is a grandson of the late Mr James Cardwell, Culrevog, Moy, County Tyrone, and a nephew of Major Henry Cardwell, J.P., formerly of Dungannon, and now of Ashley Road, Bowdon, Manchester. Before taking his commission in November 1915, Second Lieutenant Cardwell was a lecturer in law at Manchester University, and was in the service of a firm of solicitors in that city. His cousin, George Davies, of Culrevog, was killed on H.M.S. Warrior in the Jutland Battle.
10/12/2016 The CWGC record Able Seaman George Cardwell Davies as the son of Margaret Davies of Moy, Co. Tyrone, and of the late Harold W Davies.
10/12/2016 Able Seaman Davies is commemorated on Panel 11 on Plymouth Naval Memorial.
10/12/2016 His relatives in Culrevog, Moy, County Tyrone, have received official intimation that Able Seaman George Davies, H.M.S. Warrior, was killed in action during the recent North Sea engagement prior to that vessel being taken in tow by the Campania. He was a nephew of Major Henry Cardwell, J.P., Ashley Road, Bowdon, Manchester, and a brother-in-law of Mr Joseph Thornberry, principal of Mullaghglass School, Newry. In a recent letter home, he spoke of the danger of submarine attacks, and expressed the hope that if the Warrior was to go down, it would be in action.
10/12/2016 From the Belfast Newsletter dated 13th June 1916: His Wish Fulfilled
30/12/2015 HMS Warrior, an armoured cruiser, was launched on 25 November 1905 at Pembroke Dockyard and completed on 12 December 1906. On completion, she served in the Home Fleet until 1913, when she was transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet. Warrior joined the Grand Fleet in December 1914.
30/12/2015 From the Tyrone Courier dated 15 June 1916:
30/12/2015 Able Seaman George Cardwell Davies was serving with the Royal Navy on H.M.S. Warrior when he died at sea on 31st May 1916. He was 24 years old
30/12/2015 On 31 May 1916, starting at 6pm, HMS Warrior came under fire from the German battlecruisers whilst attacking German light cruisers. She was initially badly damaged by gunfire, and had her engine room wrecked and flooded. She was taken in tow by the seaplane tender HMS Engadine who took off her surviving crew of 743. She was abandoned in a rising sea at 08:25 on June 1 when her upper deck was only 4 feet (1.2 m) above the water, and subsequently foundered.
30/12/2015 At the Battle of Jutland, she was part of the ill-fated 1st Cruiser Squadron under Rear Admiral Sir Robert Keith Arbuthnot. Three of the four ships in the squadron were sunk during the battle, including Warrior.
30/12/2015 Able Seaman George Davis, H.M.S. Warrior was killed in action in the recent North Sea fight prior to that vessel being taken into tow by the Carmania. His relatives reside at Culrevog, Moy. He is a brother-in-law of Mr Joseph Thornberry, principal of Mullaghglass School, Newry.
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