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14/02/2020 Operation Jubilee, more commonly referred to as the Dieppe Raid, was an Allied assault on the German-occupied port of Dieppe, France on 19th August 1942. The main assault lasted less than six hours until strong German defences and mounting Allied losses forced its commanders to call a retreat. Over 6,000 infantrymen, predominantly Canadian, were supported by The Calgary Regiment of the 1st Canadian Tank Brigade and a strong force of Royal Navy and smaller Royal Air Force landing contingents. It involved 5,000 Canadians and 1,000 British troops. The raid was poorly planned and 3,623 of the 6,086 men who made it ashore were killed, wounded, or captured. The Royal Air Force failed to lure the Luftwaffe into open battle and lost 106 aircraft. The events at Dieppe influenced preparations for the North African (Operation Torch) and Normandy landings (Operation Overlord).
14/02/2020 Samuel Campbell was the son of James and Sarah Campbell. James Campbell and Sarah Thompson were married on 26th November 1891 in the district of Fermanagh.
14/02/2020 Samuel Campbell was born 8th March 1905. He was one of nine children all born in the Brookeborough - Fivemiletown area.
14/02/2020 The 1901 census lists the family at house 2 in Tullyweel, Cross, County Fermanagh. James Campbell was a labourer.
14/02/2020 Family: James Campbell, Sarah Campbell, John Campbell (born 6th February 1893), Thomas Campbell (born 5th August 1894), Margaret Campbell (born 1st August 1896), Mary Campbell (born 22nd May 1898), Edith Campbell (born 6th August 1900), Frederick Campbell (born 27th November 1902), Samuel Campbell (born 8th March 1905), Annie Campbell (born 25th February 1907), Kathleen Campbell (born 12th April 1910).
14/02/2020 The 1911 census lists Sam as age 7, living with the family at house 2 in Cran, Cross, County Fermanagh. His father was a farmer.
14/02/2020 After leaving school Sam joined the Post Office, becoming a telegram delivery boy in Fivemiletown.
14/02/2020 On 18th April 1924, aged 19, he emigrated to Canada with his brother, Fred Campbell.
14/02/2020 Mrs Martha Elizabeth Campbell was Samuel’s wife. At the time of his death, she was living at 824 College Avenue, Winnipeg.
14/02/2020 Lance Corporal Samuel Campbell was serving in Europe when he was killed in action at the Dieppe debacle on 19th August 1942.
14/02/2020 Campbell, Samuel, Acting Lance Corporal, H35434, Mrs Martha Elizabeth Campbell (wife), 824 College Avenue, Winnipeg
14/02/2020 Lance Corporal Samuel Campbell is buried in Dieppe Canadian War Cemetery in, Hautot-Sur-Mer, France.
14/02/2020 Lance Corporal Samuel Campbell is commemorated locally on Fivemiletown War Memorial.
14/02/2020 Lance Corporal Samuel Campbell is listed on Gimli War Memorial, in the town of Gimli, north of Winnipeg in Canada.
14/02/2020 The CWGC record Lance Corporal Samuel Campbell as the husband of Martha Elizabeth Campbell of St Vital, Manitoba, Canada.
14/02/2020 Lance Corporal Samuel Campbell is listed on page 100 and 101 of the Fivemiletown book, from which most of these details come from. Many thanks to Mark Byers for the information.
14/02/2020 From the Impartial Reporter, unknown date in 1942: Killed in action
14/02/2020 News has been received from Canada by Mr and Mrs James Campbell, Crieve, Fivemiletown, that their son, Lance Corporal Samuel Campbell, of the Canadian Forces, has been killed in action. Lance Corporal Campbell went to Canada about 17 years ago, and was married there.
14/02/2020 From the Winnipeg Evening Tribune, dated 11th December 1942-12-11 (Page 3) - Saskatchewan Regiment - Killed at Dieppe
14/02/2020 Samuel Campbell served with the he South Saskatchewan Regiment, part of the Royal Canadian Infantry Corps (R.C.I.C.) during World War Two.
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