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30/05/2021 Prior to enlisting, James Hughes was employed as a shipyard labourer.
30/05/2021 The 1911 census records James as age 13 living with the family at house 11 in Anagasna Glebe, Moy, Tyrone. James was still at school. His father was not listed, but his mother was still married. His mother Rose was listed as a farmer.
30/05/2021 Family: John Hughes, Rose Anne Hughes, Mary Minnie Hughes (born 26th March 1884), Catherine Hughes (born 21st June 1885), Bridget Hughes (born 12th October 1886), John Hughes (born 7th March 1888), Annie Hughes (born 15th September 1889), Teresa Hughes (born 9th June 1891), Bernard Hughes (born 11th December 1892), Agnes Hughes (born 20th November 1894), James Hughes (born 10th July 1896), Thomas Joseph Hughes (born 18th December 1897), Rose Hughes (born 30th October 1899), Winifred Hughes (born 9th December 1902).
30/05/2021 The 1901 census records James as age 4, living with the family at house 1 in Anagasna Glebe, Moy, Tyrone. John Hughes was a farmer.
30/05/2021 James Hughes was born on 10th July 1896 in Moy, County Tyrone. He was one of twelve children, all born in the Moy area.
30/05/2021 James Hughes was the son of John and Rose Ann Hughes. James Hughes and Rose McKee were married on 25th January 1883 in the district of Armagh.
30/05/2021 Able Seaman James Hughes has no known grave and is commemorated on Plymouth Naval Memorial.
17/06/2020 James Hughes enlisted with the Royal Navy on 21st December 1915.
17/06/2020 Able Seaman James Hughes served on the ships and locations listed below.
17/06/2020 Able Seaman James Hughes was on board RMS Leinster when was he was killed as a direct result of enemy action on 10th October 1918. He was 21 years old.
17/06/2020 02814
30/12/2015 Able Seaman James Hughes was serving with the Royal Navy on H.M.S. Walrus.
30/12/2015 While talking of peace on the one hand on the other, the Germans continue their brutal submarine attacks on defenceless boats, the latest being that of the Dublin Steampacket Company's Royal Mail Steamer Leinster (RMS Leinster), which was sent to the bottom with the loss of about 500 men, women and children as she sailed from Kingstown to Holyhead in broad daylight on Thursday. She was struck by two torpedoes, and sank in twelve minutes. It was impossible in that short time to launch many of the boats, and most of the casualties were due to boats that got out, overturning. The survivors numbering about 200 together with numerous dead bodies were brought back to Kingstown, during the afternoon, and the scenes witnessed at the harbour where relatives eagerly sought news of their loved ones were beyond description.
30/12/2015 From the Tyrone Courier and Dungannon News dated 9th October 1918:
30/12/2015 Just a month before the war ended, the R.M.S. Leinster, a city of Dublin Steam Packet Company ship, was torpedoed by German Submarine UB 123, having just left Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire). 501 of the 771 people on board died, including crew, postal workers, civilians, Voluntary Aid Nurses and eight Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Many were Irish men and women returning from leave.
30/12/2015 There were twenty-five members of the Royal Navy on board the R.M.S. Leinster
30/12/2015 HMS Walrus was ordered in December 1916 and was launched on 27 December 1917 and commissioned on 8 March 1918. It was assigned the pennant number G17 in April 1918.
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